10 ways you can support The HEAL Project

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The HEAL Project— is a project that aims to prevent and end CSA by making visible the hidden tools used to guilt, shame, coerce and inflict violence onto children. The primary strategies are: Building community, critical analysis, social media campaign, mobilization and education.

Will you support?

Here are 10 things you can do to support the work 

1. Repost Facebook page posts–

2. Subscribe to The HEAL blog and encourage others to do so (main page of website and to the right)

3. Be a guest blogger or pass on info about guest blogging to someone you know

4. Encourage parents/caregivers/guardians to take the parent poll

5. Repost information about our  social media campaigns

6. If you or anyone is an out survivor of CSA, consider submitting an OutingCSA video

7. Consider submitting a Sex(Ed) is video about your connection to sex ed

8. If you are a caregiver parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt/uncle, foster parent, etc consider submitting to the Toolkit

9. Support our new online talk show Pure Love by reposting, sending in your questions and hosting one of
our episodes on your site for a month

10. If you or anyone you know is Baltimore based, spread the word about or join” The Fall of The Secret Keepers”– a group of survivors of CSA, gathering for support, breaking bread and art healing.

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