Aishah on Outing CSA

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CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: Child sexual abuse, survivor, rape

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Description: Black Femme woman with short dark curly hair. She is wearing a denim colored tank top, hanging round earrings and a neckless that says “No.” She is sitting in front of a white concrete wall speaking to audience/camera. 

—Transcription of video—

My name is Aishah Shahidah Simmons.

I’m a documentary filmmaker and a an AfroLez®femcentric cultural worker.

I am 47 years old.

I am black.

I am woman and a proud femme.

My pronouns are she and her.

My sexual orientation is dyke, lesbian, queer.

I live on the East Coast.

I’m a Vipassana meditator.

…and I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse and adult rape.  


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