Sex (Ed) is: Episode 7

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Check Out Sex Ed Is Episode 7! Hear what college students have to say about comprehensive Sex education!


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Description: The woman is wearing a blue top and has long black hair glasses, and red lipstick.

Comprehensive sex ed to me is being inclusive and creating an environment where people can be heard and made to feel desirable. Because I feel as if a lot of the sex ed that I’ve had were, what little sex ed that I’ve had, just uses this factor where you’re supposed to make us afraid into not having sex and it’s not really teaching us how to protect ourselves. It’s more representing sex in this way that if you have sex at a young age or if you choose to have sex a different way than what media represents it to be, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Description: Half-Chinese, half white non binary person with short hair and glasses wearing a grey sweater and denim jacket

Comprehensive sex ed to me is mostly teaching people, teaching anyone, about all the different ways people can have sex. And all the different kinds of people who are going to be having sex. And, it’s not just cisgender folks, not just heteresexual focused, so that queer people could actually know what’s going on, especially because there is different types of protection that people with two vaginas would be using, than if it’s someone with a penis and a vagina. And, it’s important because otherwise people aren’t safe if they don’t know.

Description: A White queer identified cisgender woman. She has on a pink shirt, two necklaces, black rimmed glasses, and blondish hair pulled back into a bun.

To me comprehensive sex ed is inclusive of everything that could think of. You know, from trans identities to intersex people. Ways to include all kinds of stuff. And, to have the information that’s necessary, even if it seems embarrassing. To ask, to be able to ask questions, like, how much lube am I supposed to use, or like, how do I actually put on a condom, what’s the difference between internal and external condoms. To have a comprehensive sex education, you need to answer questions, no matter how strange they are, and how much the educators very often don’t want to answer those questions. Uh, you just need to be able to see it from everyone’s point of view and answer the questions that they are going to have, because if those questions don’t get answered, it could be deadly.

Description: A bisexual Dominican-American with short black hair, wearing a blue jean button up shirt open with a red shirt underneath.

Comprehensive sex ed is just normalizing all kinds of sex, whether you are straight, bi, or within the queer spectrum, it doesn’t matter. It’s just making sure that everyone feels comfortable in their own bodies and having sex with other people. And not feeling any negative feelings towards sex.

Description: A White Femme Queer with Glasses, Tattoos, Blondish Hair and White and Black Flannel Shirt.

To me, comprehensive sexual education is being inclusive of all genders, sexualities, and identities. Um, ensuring that we are not just talking about P in V sex. Um, that we are not talking just about cis heteronormative sex. That we are making it inclusive. That we are not just talking about STIs and protection and scare tactics. That we are including conversations on consent and things such as bodies, and things about gender and identities. And making sure that people are having these conversations.


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