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Check Out Sex Ed Is Episode 8! What are college students saying about the impact of  Sex education!


CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: Child sexual abuse, sex, sexuality, body shame
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Description – A bisexual Dominican-American with short black hair, wearing a blue jean button up shirt open with a red shirt underneath.

The impact of learning about straight sex was very informative, just on one aspect, but being a bisexual male I never learned about same sex or even other queer sex and so I feel like I missed out on a lot.


Description: Half-Chinese, half white non binary person with short hair and glasses wearing a grey sweater and denim jacket

So, the impact for me, about learning about sex was really interesting because I didn’t actually have comprehensive sex ed until I was in college and I took a class called Human Sexuality. Um, but, because I had abstinence-only education from the 8th grade onwards but didn’t have any before that, I was just kind of, a lot of shame surrounding sex and I didn’t know really what was going on other than “there is a penis and a vagina involved,” and that was it.


Description – A White Femme Queer with Glasses, Tattoos, Blondish Hair and White and Black Flannel Shirt.

I never had sex education growing up. So not having that really filled me with a lot of shame. Um, both of my parents and my whole family growing up really hid all of the talk on sex, body, gender, identity, all of that from me. And they filled it with words as shame and embarrassment. So even talking about things such as a period, um, that was a conversation that was forbidden to have in my household. So, having the opportunity to, um, find out about sex through a TV show, that was a very different experience. So, not having that sex education when I was young, it really, it brought me into depression and I was definitely ashamed of my body and myself.



Description – The woman is wearing a blue top and has long black hair glasses, and red lipstick.

Um, the impact of learning about sex was just like, it made me really uncomfortable. Because most of the photos that I would see was just a man and a woman, generally they would be in a relationship, they would be, you know, one type of attractiveness. And, it would just make me really uncomfortable thinking, “OK, once you reach this stage of your life, you’re supposed to have sex and I began to question, what if I don’t find partner that’s, you know, whatever they represented in the books. What if I was with someone that’s not a different gender than me.” It just made me question everything.


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