Call for Submission

Are you interested in being part of  The HEAL Project’s Media Campaign?

Ignacio Rivera is filming/accepting submissions of  interested out CSA (child sexual abuse) survivors  or those willing to come out, parents, guardians, caretakers, sex educators, families, and advocates.

Participate in one or both of the following campaigns:

Be a part of the movement to end child sexual abuse by ending the secret. Outing CSA is not a personal story campaign but one that highlights all the pieces that make us, us. This campaign is for those ready and willing to break the wall of silence. Survivors are not all that we are. We are many things, in spite of and because of the abuse. Come witness us take control of our own healing.

The HEAL Project asked parents and (adult) children about the role of sex(uality) knowledge in addressing child sexual abuse. Sex (Ed) is, is for survivors, sex educators, guardians, caretakers, and families. Come check out what people have to say.

Ignacio may be available for filming during the following times. Contact Ignacio Rivera at or text/call (347) 915-6115 to set up an appointment.


2017 Locations (updated January 20, 2017)

February 2nd
Cleveland, OH
Case Western Reserve University
February 15th
Ottowa, Ontario (Canada)
Venus Envy
February 23rd
Baltimore, MD
Sugar the Shop
March 8th-13th
San Francisco, CA
April 3rd
Knoxville, TN
University of Tennessee
April 6th
Cambridge, MA
April 7th
Princeton, NJ
Princeton University
May 6th-16th
Puerto Rico
May 18th-22nd
Los Angeles, CA
May 27th-31st
Minneapolis, MN
June 22nd-23rd
Guelph, Ontario (Canada)
Guelph Sexuality Conference
July 14th-16th
Dallas, TX
Poly Dallas Millenium Symposium


NOTE: CSA affects everyone, especially people of color, LGBTQI folk, people with disabilities, immigrants, and those of marginalized class status (i.e., those who’ve lived in poverty, have experience with being homeless, unemployed,  “unemployable”, or receiving public assistance.) We highly encourage everyone, especially those who belong to above groups to contact The Heal Project and participate in this campaign.