Pure Love

From the creator of The HEAL Project comes a ground-breaking, heartfelt and witty online talk show,  Pure Love. Pure Love  highlights the voices of Ignacio Rivera, a Black Boricua Taíno, transgender, healer, artist, activist, mother and self-identified magical Unicorn. Along with their daughter, Amanda Rivera, toddler-whisperer, assistant teacher, diva, bruja and self identified mermaid, they keep it real.

The duo tackle difficult conversations candidly and with humor— critical issues such as sex and sexuality, transformative parenting, homelessness and poverty, sobriety, mental illness, and polyamory—all from a first-person, survivor-centered, anti-racist, and feminist perspective. This rare portrait offers viewers a glimpse into 26 years (and counting) of queer and sex positive parenting. It offers practical ideas for how to have conversations with your children (and your parents!) about sex(uality).

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