The Journey: Shame, Sex, & Sexuality

Welcome guest blogger and one of The HEAL Project’s Advisory Board Members, Walter Castaneda. Walter Castaneda, age 28 is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that lasted over a decade. He’s an El Salvadoran-American, Latino, student, bisexual, and community organizer… Continue Reading

Sex (ED) IS: Episode 6

Check out our latest edition of Sex (Ed) Is where people respond to the prompt, “The Impact of Sex Ed…” [Content Warning- sexuality, sexual violence, child sexual abuse] Find more videos at:   Cav Description: Mid/late twenties, Femme POC… Continue Reading

How ending childhood sexual abuse is a cornerstone to Black liberation

Welcome guest blogger and one of The HEAL Project’s Advisory Board Members, Hari Ziyad  Hari Ziyad is a New York based storyteller and the editor-in-chief of RaceBaitR, deputy editor of Black Youth Project, assistant editor of Vinyl Poetry & Prose, and… Continue Reading

Aishah on Outing CSA

CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: Child sexual abuse, survivor, rape —(To see this and other video(s) go to— Description: Black Femme woman with short dark curly hair. She is wearing a denim colored tank top, hanging round earrings and a neckless that says “No.”… Continue Reading

10 ways you can support The HEAL Project

The HEAL Project— is a project that aims to prevent and end CSA by making visible the hidden tools used to guilt, shame, coerce and inflict violence onto children. The primary strategies are: Building community, critical analysis, social media campaign, mobilization… Continue Reading

#AnalTaughtMe: What Masturbation Means to Me as a Survivor of Sexual Abuse

Welcome guest blogger Vita Eya Cleveland! Vita Eya Cleveland is a phenomimal woman! She is a poet, a composer and musician. She is the founder of TWOC Poetry, a brand/YouTube channel she created to increase proper media representation and knowledge for marginalized… Continue Reading

Amber the Activist on Outing CSA

—CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: child sexual abuse, survivor, rape—  —(To see this and other video(s) go to— Description: Genderfluid woman of color, with locs pulled up in a high loose bun, wearing a light blue button down long sleeve shirt, yellow vest,… Continue Reading